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Below you may find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our pet fence systems.

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Is Indiana Pet Fence associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, Dogwatch®, DogGuard® or ANY other pet fence brand than Pet Stop®?

No, Indiana Pet Fence is an authorized Pet Stop® dealer for NW Indiana and is not associated with any of the aforementioned companies. We may provide independent service on other electronic dog fence brands, but we only provide manufaturer warranties on Pet Stop® brand products.

Are there any age or size limits my pet must meet before being trained to the fence?

We recommend that your pet be at least 8 weeks of age and well-adjusted to their home enviornment before fence training starts. There is no minimum/maximum size limits – from great danes to pomeranians, we train dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes!

Will the correction harm my pet in any way?

Your pet’s health and happiness is our #1 priority and you can rest assured that we would never use anything that would intentionally harm your pet. The correction levels used are safe and humane, just enough to startle or tickle your pet, but not enough to actually inflict pain – a carpet’s static shock produces more energy than that used in our correction levels.

How long will it take to train my dog to the fence?

Most pets are trained to the fence in a couple of weeks. In most cases, pets only experience correction once or twice and quickly learn to respond to the warning signal, but since every pet is a unique individual, the time to train your pet to the fence may vary.

How often will I have to replace batteries?

Battery life is determined by how often the electric boundary is tested. Typical battery life is generally 3-6 months. When the battery is running low, the Flash Alert will let you know so you can switch the batteries out before they die. Contact us if you need replaceable batteries.

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